"Classroom Systems for Art Teachers"
(But Regular Education Teachers Can Use Them, Too!)

This may be one of the most helpful reports we've have ever done. It is full of good answers to get you going this fall.

If you are at all interested in classroom systems, then this report is for you. Regardless of whether you're just starting or a veteran teacher, this report will help.

The ideas and information are valid regardless of the category you're in.

Here are the questions answered in the report by various respondents:

1)Describe your discipline system:

2)Describe your supply organization/ordering system:

3)Describe your report system:

4)Describe your class clean-up system:

5)Do you have a student and/or parent helper system? If so, describe:

6)Do you have a sequential, developmental art program in place? If so, describe it in a simple, basic way:

7) Do you have a special parent conference system in place? If so, describe:

8) Is there any other system you've created that you think would be helpful to others that you'd like to share?

9)Is there any other info that you'd like to share?


If you think reading the answers to these questions from various respondents may be helpful to you this fall, click below to get your electronic PDF copy: