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*** Gifts #1-3 ***

Print Version--3 art lesson PDFs of Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grade Art Lesson Plans

This is our k-6 art lesson plans ebook series.

The aim here is to provide families with art lessons they can do together. However, k-6 art teachers, regular ed teachers, home educators, and club leaders who need qualitative art education guidelines to help give purpose and structure to their art curriculum, can use these lessons, too. (And for those of you doing these art projects with kids just for the fun of it, the lessons will provide hours and hours of creative fun!)

Each art lesson plan ebook in our series will:

•provide simple, step-by-step instructions

•present a variety of art lessons for a single grade level with
color photos, goals and objectives, and assessments

•save you hours of planning and preparation time

As a parent or grandparent, these art lessons can give you and your kids or grandkids hours of family fun.

As a teacher or home educator, these ebooks will help you enrich and reinforce all aspects of your art curriculum and make teaching and learning more fun for you and your students.

Click here to see a lesson sample with color photo:

The 3 Art Lesson PDFs are from our ebook series:

We have K-2, 3-4, and 5-6 gr. editions.

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*** Gifts #4&5 ***

Print Version--3 art lesson PDFs of 3rd & 4th Grade Art Lesson Plans

** Gifts #6&7 **

Print Version--3 art lesson PDFs of "5th& 6th Grade Art Lesson Plans"

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